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Dealer Application Guidelines:
Thank you for your enquiry regarding our products and obtaining an account with OMP. This website is our online resource for Australian dealers reselling our product range. Please complete the following online application process if you are a new dealer, or existing hobby business that has interest in obtaining a dealer account with OMP.
You will be notified via email upon the successful processing of your Initial Application, and if successful, O'Reilly Model Products will contact you directly should further information be required. It is important to note that completion of this online application does not guarantee approval of an account.
Information provided in this application form will be used solely for the purpose and review of business viability. The commercial-in-confidence portion of the Applicant Details will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be published or used in any other way.
In completing this application Dealers/Applicants hereby acknowledge that the information contained within is correct. Merchandise and goods purchased from O’Reilly Model Products are for retail sale only and will not be redistributed to individuals or entities for resale. Dealers/Applicants agree to maintain the integrity of company and our products and warranty by not altering or parting out product for sale or resale.
Dealers/Applicants also must provide in writing names of any websites, auction or sale site id’s or fictitious business names used in the sale of products and keep this list current. Should the information provided on this application change at any time, Dealers/Applicants are required to notify O’Reilly Model Products in writing of such change prior to or immediately upon such change occurring, acknowledging that their account might be subject to re-approval and that such action may include submission of new application, new pictures, new lease verification, and other verification requirements.