Flex Innovation Mamba 10 Super PNP; Green

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The Flex Innovations Mamba 10 is a mini EP version of the popular Mamba 70. This PNP aerobatic biplane has amazing flight characteristics that are enhanced by the inclusion of the Aura 8 stabilising device. High energy manoeuvres, tumbling, fast and slow flight. This model can do it all !


  • Designed by Quique Somenzini
  • EPO, plywood and carbon construction for lightweight, high strength
  • New more powerful brushless motor
  • New higher amp rating Hobby Wing 50A ESC
  • Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control system configured and installed
  • PNP configuration incl 6 digital servos
  • Amazing aerobatic and tumbling capabilities


Product Information

Unbeatable 3D & aerobatic bi-plane, the Flex Mamba 10

The Flex Innovations Mamba 10 designed by Quique Somenzini is based on the hugely successful Mamba 70. This super aerobatic biplane comes in a PNP format and simply requires the addition of your 3S LiPO battery and receiver. The included Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control system gives the Mamba 10 that ‘big’ model feel without any restrictions or limitations on its flying characteristics.

Unusually for a biplane, the Flex Mamba 10 has very little coupling so knife edge, slow rolls can be very precise. The aerobatic and tumbling capabilities of the Mamba 10 will amaze you from a model this size. Moulded in EPO foam and with plywood and carbon reinforcement, the Mamba 10 is therefore very light, yet remarkably stiff which makes for a sweet flying plane.

Flex innovations RC Bi-Plane

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What you need

  • 6 channel receiver or one Spektrum satellite receiver; plugs directly into Aura 8 (SPM9645)
  • LiPO Battery 3S 2100-2200mAh. We recommend the Dualsky 2100 3EX (DSBXP21003EX)
  • LiPO Balancing Battery Charger. We recommend the Ultra Power 100AC Plus charger (UP100ACPLUS)
  • 6 channel + transmitter. We recommend the Spektrum DX6e (SPM6650)


Wing span
1015mm/40 in.
1300 gm (w/o battery)
Battery recommended
2100 - 2200 3S (30C +)
Number of included digital servos
Hobby Wing 50A with BEC

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