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Multiplex Easy Glider Pro RC Plane, Receiver Ready, Blue

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A docile yet robust beginners model, and a fun model for the advanced pilot, with great performance in its class. The PRO-electric version is now available in RR form.

  • Versatile: superb gliding characteristics, capable of simple aerobatics (loops, rolls, inverted, stallturns)
  • The model’s low cruise speed makes it easy to circle up in thermals
  • Powerful, efficient brushless motor, factory-fitted with an S-BEC speed controller, for brisk climbs and extended flight times.
  • Option to add up to 350 g ballast for better penetration and higher cruise speed (e.g. at the slope or in windy conditions)
  • ELAPOR construction for a very robust yet lightweight airframe
  • High level of pre-fabrication: install tailplane and fin, apply decals, fit receiver - and go fly!
  • Folding propeller with elegant plastic spinner
  • Both ailerons can be raised to act as landing aid
  • Twopart detachable wings for ease of transport
  • Simple method of connecting the aileron servos when rigging the model
  • Plenty of space in the forward fuselage allows the use of different sizes of flight battery (3S 2100-2200mAh recommended)
  • Convenient battery swap through the canopy

The EasyGlider PRO is an updated model based on the popular and proven EasyGlider and EasyGlider electric. Just like the larger Cularis the Easy Glider PRO can be built as a pure glider or as an electric by adding the optional power pack. The Easy Glider Pro's flying characteristics are perfect for the beginner, although this by no means implies that the more advanced pilot won't enjoy it - quite the contrary. If you are an expert you will soon discover that the EasyGlider PRO has the kind of performance only seen with much larger and more expensive gliders.

Set contents:
ARTF model with the following components installed:

  • Brushless Motor: PERMAX BL-O 2816-0850F
  • Speed controller: BL-20 S-BEC
  • Spinner, propeller driver, folding 9 x 6 propeller
  • Two Nano-S servos
  • Two Tiny-S servos
  • Cable set installed in wings and fuselage

Also supplied:

  • Multi-colour decal sheet
  • Multi-lingual illustrated instructions

Remaining work:
Attach prepared tailplane and fin to the fuselage, connect prepared pushrods (horns and swivel pushrod connectors already fitted), apply decals. Install receiver and flight battery (not included).

72 in (1828mm)
Wing Area:
645 sq. in. (approx. 41.6 dm²)
Wing Loading (Standard):
5.57 oz/sq ft. (glider) / 6.56 oz/sq ft. (electric)
Wing Loading (Metric):
approx. 17 g/dm² (glider) / approx. 20 g/dm² (electric)
Overall Length:
44 in (1110mm)
Weight (Standard):
29 oz (glider) / 34 oz (electric)
Weight (Metric):
approx. 710g (glider) / approx. 810g (electric)
Control Functions:
Aileron / Elevator / Rudder
Optional Control Functions:
Flight Characteristics:
Trainer Glider
Target User:
Beginner / Intermediate