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  • Flip, funnel or roll in any room of your house with the incredible Blade® Nano CP X. At just 29 grams (barely over an ounce), it’s the lightest flybarless CP heli in its class. At the center of its amazing features is the proven AS3X® Flybarless System. This system uses a 3-axis MEMS sensor and exclusive flight control software to give the Nano CP X a perfect balance of agility and stability. It’s unbelievably durable too. Learn more about this exciting new product at omp.com.au today [...]
  • Elegant and graceful—the new E-flite Mystique™ 2.9 m sailplane is everything a modern soaring pilot could want in a glider, because it’s bred from Limited Motor Run and F5J competition. Its super-sleek fiberglass fuselage is ready for either pure sailplane enjoyment or electric power. And since lift is the name of the game, the wing features a torsionally stressed wood structure, combined with an acclaimed Selig airfoil that works in harmony with its factory-hinged aileron and flap surfaces. Whether you’re focused on a timed flight mission or the ideal soaring machine from the comfort [...]
  • Welcome to the new OMP Website!

      Filed under: OMP News   Add comment July 3, 2012
    Welcome to the new OMP website, we hope you like it! If you are already a registered dealer of OMP then please login to your account and start shopping!  We hope this new site will help you find the products you are looking for quickly and easily, to keep you informed about new releases and delivery ETAs.  We also hope that it will assist you to manage your account with us; to track orders, backorders and incoming stock! If you have any questions, feedback or comments for us please don't hesitate to get in touch! Thanks, OMP [...]

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