Seagull Model Boomerang EP Trainer RC Plane, ARF

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  • Lightweight, balsa & plywood construction for maximum strength and durability.
  • Removable top hatch for easy access for electric option.
  • Plug in wings for quick and easy transportation and storage.
  • Eye catching, high visibility printing colour scheme.
  • Engine mount preinstalled.
  • Painging fibreglass cowl.
  • Aluminimum landing gears.
  • All hardware included.

Product Information

The Boomerang EP has been developed with the beginner flyer in mind. The Boomerang EP is a semi-scale plane, which is easy to fly and quick construct. The airframe is conventionally built using balsa. Plywood is also used, making it stronger than average ARTF, but the design still allows the plane to be kept light. The majority of the model construction has been completed for you. The motor mount has also been fitted with the hinges pre-installed. Flying the BOOMERANG EP is loads of fun.


142.2cm / 56 inches
Wing Area
17 / 263.5
Approx. Flying Weight
2.0-2.2kg / 4.4-4.8lbs
104.7cm / 41.2 inch