The 80’s were more than just lycra and Michael Jackson ruling the airways. HPI entered the market. Creating fun since 1986, HPI have built their entire business on drivers looking for action-packed racing fun.

RC racing is all about excitement. Well at least that’s what HPI believe. Renowned for high quality cars and trucks with exceptional durability, HPI’s products are perfect for hobbyists of all ages and every skill level.

With the main goal to have fun, you know what you’re getting yourself into when you buy a HPI – endless days of exhilarating on and off-road driving.

HPI’s pocket rocket, the Q32 Baja RC buggy, is the smallest car in the range. You can drive it indoors, so cruise up and down the hallway without worrying about damage. Real Steering technology and a mini ramp for jumps make this buggy simply unbeatable in value.

Prefer something a little more stylish? And what is more elite than a BMW? The RS4 Sport 3 BMW M3 E30 RC car boasts an eye-catching trim scheme and performance to match. Underpinned by a new RS4 Sport 3 chassis, it’s a great choice for lovers of RC touring cars.

For the ultimate performance, race with the leaders… HPI.

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